Products & Services

ONLINE MONEY TRANSFERS: Web based money transfer systems, which offer the fastest, most reliable, and secure way of transferring and receiving money worldwide.

TELEX TRANSFERS: Funds credit to most renown Banks around the world. It is convenient for transfers of large amounts, with competitive charge rates. Banks service deductions apply.

DRAFT SERVICES: Delivery of Demand drafts to Banks for credit, and door delivery service to several countries. This old, but efficient and affordable way of transferring money is still demanded.

REAL TIME GROSS SETTLEMENT (RTGS): Is a facility available for quick, safe and secure electronic mode of funds transfer for INR 100,000.00 and above. A very convenient and affordable 24hr. Bank Credit available to most banks in India through an online network. This is the future of Bank credit system. A core banking account number is required.

NATIONAL ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER (NEFT): Is an electronic funds transfer system introduced by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). NEFT system can be used only for remitting Indian Rupee among the participating banks within the country.

CONVENTIONAL TRANSFERS: Standard transfers using facsimile (FAX), available to many Arab and foreign countries. It is suitable for large amounts, and is available as a Bank credit , and advice & pay (calling the beneficiary) or Pickup service (Beneficiary has to collect the money transfer) .Still very popular amongst the public.

ONLINE BANKING CREDIT: Arrangement for online crediting to account holders within 24hrs, and free account opening in some countries. Currently only for Philippines. Requirements to open an account are: Passport copy / Original, account opening form to be filled after making a money transfer.

FOREIGN CURRENCY: Exchange of currencies from local to foreign and vice versa, in retail, and wholesale at competitive rates.

TRAVELERS CHEQUES: Purchasing most travelers cheques, at competitive rates.